Even While Grieving You Have To Think!


I know that we are all grieving the horrible acts that took place in Sandy Hook. During this time we all look for ways to help. There are a few Facebook pages that are up as memorials for a few of the slain children. Some of the pages have grown large followings and are asking for money. Think long and hard before you give to an unknown, untested entity online. Are you going to give to just one 

child’s family and not the others? Do you know for fact that your money is going to a family that has a need? Is your credit card number going to be safe if you enter it into that online field? Let’s be wise in our giving so we won’t have to grieve in a different way concerning Sandy Hook. Join with others, Sandy Hook churches, their local fire or police department. Give to groups that you know are going to help people in true need or brighten a teacher’s day restoring their belief in humanity. — that is all!

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