Sad Reasons Some Women Don’t Travel

A friend has a blog I just discovered  Big Life Free Life™. This week she featured a post on the Sad Reasons Some Women Don’t Travel. The list of reasons varied from finances to fear of flying but my comment to the post is below:

Let me say what someone explained to me a long time ago that I have found to be true. People always reminisce about experiences, about WHERE they were when that fun thing happened or that emotion was felt. People remember and talk about their trips, who they were with, what they saw and what they did at a place more than what they purchased or what gifts were given to them. As stated, I have found this to be true! Listen to people and they will talk about their travels and experiences on trips more than anything else in life. Even if that trip was just to grandma’s house or a nearby amusement park. So get out there ladies and travel, see it all, experience it all and have stories to tell for goodness sake live a Big Life Free Life!

I was so moved by the memory of what I mentioned in my comment that I booked a trip for my entire family to go out of country for Thanksgiving. My children are both seniors, one in college the other in high school. I told my husband we need to go somewhere right now so we can all have an experience that we will remember for years to come from this moment in time.  We won’t have this situation again.

Shockingly, I know people that have never left their town, burrow, or side of the county.  In the Tampa Bay, Florida  area where I live there are three cities within about 30 minutes of each other, St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa with numerous surrounding smaller towns with an easy extension into the Sarasota area. This section of the country is full of beaches, interesting towns with shopping, breweries, wineries, and festivals (and we are NOT including Orlando), but I am always surprised at how many people I meet in these cities have never been to the other nearby cities.

So I urge you to plan to take a trip if you never have or have not in a long while. I say go all out and go somewhere you have always dreamed. Or you may just start in your area if you don’t want to get on a plane or train just yet, but get moving with travel. Don’t wait for times that may never come. At my age I have seen more than one family not make it to the magical perfect time to travel before tragedy struck.

Travel. Live. Enjoy


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  1. Very true! I took my recent trip to California alone, and it was amazing. I want to take more trips now because it was so different than what I am used to at home, and it gave me a different outlook on what I have now and what I am working on.

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