Defining Southern Heritage


In a few hours the capital of my birth state and the town I call home, I imagine will look like this picture above. It will resemble something old and from times long gone. A group of Klu Klux Klan plan to rally in Columbia, South Carolina to protest the removal of the confederate flag. The group claims the rally is only about “white pride” not hate. But isn’t hating anyone outside of themselves what the Klan is about? I grew up knowing that the Klan even hates whites that are not in the Klan. They even have names for them.

I’ve never been against any culture or ethnic group having pride as long as it doesn’t have to tear down other cultures and groups to ensure it is seen in a good light. No one culture is superior and should not try to be. We can all get along on this planet and celebrate ourselves.

I don’t get all the hoopla and wrenching that is going on with this faction about the Confederate battle flag. No one banned them from using it. It just isn’t flying over government buildings any longer after a mere 54 years. You would think it had been there since the beginning of time, the way they are reacting.

My Southern Heritage is full and flavorful and can’t be condensed down to one symbol. Some of it is as follows:

Southern Hospitality – No one can extend a kinder invite and treatment in their home than a Southerner

Manners – They still matter and will never go out of style. We say thank you, please, ma’am and sir and that is usually to everyone. The military has nothing on us.

Sunday Dinner – The best food on earth appears on the tables of the South every Sunday. And folks kale is not a new vegetable, we have been eating it at Sunday Dinner for years

Sweet Tea – Table wine of the South

Biscuits – I’m not talking about thick dry cookies you have with tea! I am talking about the Southern one that is baked to perfection. Goes with every meal and is perfect savory or sweet.

Pound Cake – Not Sara Lee’s frozen block! The one that makes you wake up at 3:00 a.m. and go to the 24 hour Walmart in your pajama’s to get the ingredients to make. You can’t buy this pound cake. It is passed down from your grandmother’s death bed to one of her daughters. These recipes are in safety deposit boxes all over the South.

(The Buckle of) The Bible Belt – Faith in God is real. And though we often get a bad rap with hate groups claiming to be Christian, most folks from the South are people of deep faith that want to do right by God and others

Generosity – We share with those in need from whatever we have even if we don’t have much

The Nice Nasty – We invented this not Hollywood! We are going to tell you what we think, but we are going to keep our manners and hospitality intact. “….now thank you for stopping by would you like some iced tea and pound cake?”

The Southern Accent – Everyone knows the moment they meet you where you were raised. Even if you have been gone a long time, as soon as you reconnect with other Southerners the accent creeps back out.

Wearing The Proper Outfit – We are always dressed for the occasion. We aren’t afraid of your outdoor summer wedding. We know how to be formal and cool at the same time. We are always ready and appropriate.

As one of my online friends, Olivier Blanchard, who also lives in South Carolina says “Choosing to be an asshole isn’t heritage. That’s just choice.” Exactly, I agree! Southern Heritage and culture are more than a flag or symbol that the Klan waved at every opportunity hoping to block my equality.

Continue to rally KKK, as in a time that is long gone and dusty. The good old days weren’t good for everybody as you might selectively remember. I am taking my Southern Heritage and making it include inclusion and equality too. Everything remotely denying those two things will have to be enshrined in a museum.

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