Yeah, It Is Okay To Be Mad

Chelsea JacksonSo, Black people who are upset about police brutality are being told they don’t have a right to be angry! We are being reminded that Blacks are the problem because if we would just comply we would not die. And further more we need to focus on cleaning up our neighborhoods, work on how our kids act  and ensure everything is perfect on our side before we can have the right to gripe about ill cop culture in this country.

The squelching of emotions or feelings happens on Social Media often. This is how it goes, a person posts a complaint about something and another person comments and brings up all the other issues the original poster should complain about ALSO. They ask why are you only denouncing subject x (meaning x is a valid lament) when y and z are hot issues too. I witnessed this in what I read in the comments of the following video that an online friend posted recently:

The woman in the video believes she needs a “mental health” day to deal with the fear and stress of the horrible treatment she sees happening to African Americans. One person in particular became “unglued” in the comments area on Facebook saying that this woman should not be complaining about the police killing blacks when blacks are killing themselves and brought up the proverbial #blackonblackcrime issue. He sprouted on with stats that had to take him over an hour to type up. He concluded his comments with the fact that he was afraid to walk in certain neighborhoods for fear of being shot by a black person.

I do not agree with the idea “if you don’t talk about all problems you are forbidden from talking about any problem“.  A for instance would be that  84% of murdered whites are killed by whites.  There is no national forum of stopping whites from killing each other. But I do notice that when a white person is killed by a non white, white leaders begin talking about stopping all immigration from all countries where brown people live. Donald Trump wants to stop Mexicans and perhaps other Latinos  from coming to America (illegally of course) and Franklin Graham wants all Muslims to be banned from immigrating to America . With this being said, it is  not only Blacks that have pivotal experiences that cause them great fear and anguish, to which others may not relate.

All killing is awful and we need to do something to stop ALL of it. As a Black person, I feel that if we can stop law enforcement, paid with our tax dollars that take an oath to protect us and that is called in times of need, from harassing and killing us that would be a good thing! Let’s face it, prisons are predominantly occupied by African Americans, so someone is putting Blacks in jails for crimes. But this is not normally true of bad police officers that maim and kill unarmed unconvicted people.  Police are most often put on administrative leave or allowed to resign to be free to move on to other jobs.

Also note,  just because at this moment a person is not talking about #BlackOnBlackCrime doesn’t mean he/she is not concerned about or supporting those that work against it. Many Blacks live in neighborhoods with safety issues so of course they are concerned about crime. But people can be angry about more than one thing at a time, yet talk about only one issue at a time.

Black people are not the only ones that are accused of only complaining about one side of problem. From the graphics below you can see that some don’t want liberals to complain about the Chick-fil-a ownership’s  stance on Gay Rights unless they also stop buying gas from certain nations. And Liberals shouldn’t have an opinion about the confederate battle flag if they still buy goods made in China. Of course these comparisons are “over the top”. Those countries and their rules don’t affect us in America. We have to be concerned about what is going on in our country.11745909_695660630567118_6219284130398763567_n

And as we stated earlier though some conservatives have full plans to stop illegal immigrants and Muslims from hurting us, but have not submitted any plan to keep us safe from our own people.  But does Trump still have a valid complaint about Mexicans that he claims are being sent here to harm us, though the bottom graphic points out additional problems?11796254_897521087007613_7588646118975103417_n

Blacks have every right to be concerned about bad cops that put their ego, willingness to injure and thirst for authority and power over the law. Our grieving is valid as we have watched people that could have been us or a family member on a bad day, get killed or hurt over escalating circumstances that boil down to little.

You can move from a crime ridden neighborhood but police officers are everywhere.  You  have to interact with them on some level eventually.  People need to know that cops are going to be law abiding in every situation. If they can’t do that they need to find other jobs. Every person not only African Americans needs to be concerned about this. Because poorly trained and bad behaved cops can harm anyone regardless of race or socioeconomic status. We can’t sit around and allow one more person of any color to be harmed and mistreated by public servants on a whim. Being belligerent, high, mentally ill, or physically sick, should not be met with capital punishment for some, and patience for others.   We need to act now.

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